Executive Seminar Series

Executive Seminar Series are thought for executives and leaders feeling the need for a detailed (yet non geek) understanding of the digital revolution trends. Social Media, Big Data, Cloud, Everything Mobile, IoT, cyber-security, what's in it for my company, my industry ? Seminars are very much Executive Summaries on these topics. They are usually 1/2-day or 1-day long. A challenge in itself ! 

Target Audience : Decision makers and direct reports : CxO's, Executives in operational divisions, Board Members ; Executives in customer relationship, marketing, communication, HR divisions ; Project Directors ; Steering Committee members. 

Benefits : Have a thorough understanding of recent ICT innovations. Envision the opportunities created by them. Retrieve important concepts driving ICT innovation. Be able to arbitrate decisions. Reinforce leadership vs collaborators and teams. Be able to rearrange company's investment priorities, instigate and/or steer projects. Participants be better equipped to change business through leveraging ICT innovation. 

Why did we come up with Executive Seminars? Human organizations, whether Companies, Administrations or Local Governments are nowadays constantly challenged by the flood of innovation in ICT.

In an ever more competitive economy, ICT innovation has become a critical vehicle to ensure a company's future ? Among the many field trends, Social Media, 3D-Printing, Everything Mobile, Big Data, Internet of Things (IOT), Data Security, Cloud, what is in it for my company, for my local government ? How to turn what are often seen as threats into opportunities for growth : new ways, new revenue streams, new services, new jobs. 

At Teknigence, we aknowledge that Executives first mission is to drive their business with their eyes wide-open. Among others, ITechnology breakthroughs needs to be on their radar screen and be under control, intellectually and conceptually. Moire than ever, Executives and leaders "need to be on top" of the  innovation waves, have an accurate understanding of what lies behind the words, while leaving to ITechnology professionals ownership for implementing the chosen solutions.