About us

Teknigence helps companies make the best out of the ongoing digital revolution. Our senior consultants provide -digital management consulting- to business leaders and decision makers so they can better control their business transformation and drive changes.

Social Media, Big Data, Everything Mobile, Digital Security, Cloud, Internet of Things, what's in it for my company, my organisation ? How can digital transformation strengthen our business, improve our products and services, create new revenue streams and jobs ? 

Teknigence was launched in 2014 in Paris, France.

Our unique value

Our unique value is that we turn things around. Our consultants – entrepreneurs, field consultants, researchers and academics - are established professionals and undisputable ITechnology and/or business experts. Yet they share the conviction that ITechnology is only as good as it pragmatically helps respond to needs of people, societies and entreprises.

Particularly, as ITechnology has become an essential vehicle in an ever more competitive world, it is important for leaders and executives to master the ongoing revolution, and for Teknigence to share the most accurate knowledge of what ITechnology can and cannot do to improve business and our lives. 

What we deliver

Teknigence is committed to help companies select the adequate mix for their specific needs ; support the implementation of the designed solution when requested. We do that through education seminars and consulting. Specifically, Teknigence services encompass :

-  designed to deliver an accurate synthesis on a chosen topic, as described in the related page. 

- Auditing and Consulting services to design a specific ITechnology-based response to expressed business needs

- Expert services to help organize, monitor, steer implementation projects.